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Miss Grizzleís Poems and Songs

I Think My Computer Is Crazy

I think my computer is crazy,
itís gone off its rocker today,
the screen is impossibly scrambled,
and I canít control the display.
Illegible symbols are flashing
in places they just donít belong,
itís surely no help with my homework,
every last answer is wrong.

Iíd always depended upon it,
but now its behavior has changed,
itís churning out absolute drivel,
itís clear my computerís deranged.
Itís making disheartening noises,
like kangaroos hopping on fruit,
it thoroughly garbles my input,
then burbles, ďTHIS DOES NOT COMPUTE!Ē

Something inside my computer
is buzzing like billions of bees,
even my mouse is affected,
it seems to be begging for cheese.
I guess I know why my computer
is addled and may not survive-
my brother inserted bologna
into the floppy disk drive.

  by Jack Prelutsky

  Taken From, ďA Pizza the Size of the SunĒ

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